How to wear dresses in winter and update your look

Fall looks with a dress? We’ll show you what is possible with some surefire tips!

Easily connected with warmer temperatures, dresses are super practical and can create incredible looks with sandals and flats. However, they can be great allies for fall and winter too, making your looks elegant and cool. If you still have doubts and wonder how to wear a dress in winter, we've separated some pieces to inspire your winter closet! Check them out and put our tips into practice.




Want a super modern look? How about a long colorful dress? The longer models are perfect for low temperatures, and as needed, you can wear them with tights and a blouse underneath. One color or patterned, they look great with women's boots or pumps.



Designed especially for cold days, the knitted dress is a sophisticated and practical option. They can easily adapt to your style with a wide variety of necklines, lengths, shapes, and colors. From high boots to scarpin kitten heels, they match perfectly with any shoe height.


Doubts on how to step out in the winter look with a cool dress and boots? Bet on overlays! Choose a dress of any length with spaghetti straps. For the overlay, it's worth playing with shirts, t-shirts, and even fine knits. Tractor boots help bring a fashionista look to the production.


A foolproof tip for a winter look with a dress as the protagonist is to play with long-sleeved models. Depending on the temperature, you can include thin blouses underneath and even tights with finer threads. In addition, you can play around with lengths, such as a short dress & high boots, a midi dress & medium ankle boots, etc. The possibilities are endless! Bet on one of these fashionista matches.


If the weather is cold, it’s worth investing in a long coat or trench coat overlay. The result of this match is a warm, stylish, and feminine production! To finish it off, be sure to add boots. The composition varies according to your preferred models. Both the thin heel and the tractor sole are good options for this look!




Last but not least, our darling blazer is a wonderful option. Tailored pieces are super wild and are on the rise. They bring elegance and give that modernized look. For a total fashionista look, bet on a colorful blazer, a short black dress & over the knee boots. For a more sophisticated look, how about a blazer, a long flowing dress & nude ankle boots? The monochromatic looks are rocking!


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